About us

Salim Aria Noush Company, with the support of more than 70 years of experience in the field of export and import of tea, is engaged in activities.

The main activity of this company is the major import of tea from India, Sri Lanka, Kenya and tea exports to different countries around the world.

Relying on the experience of 3 generations, this company is always trying to market a selection of the best and best teas in bulk packaging.

Members of Salim Aria Noush

Haj Ali Asghar Salim
Muhammadreza Salim
Chairman of the Board
Vahid Salim
Farsima Salim
Export Manager

This is how we make Tea!

Salim Aria Noush Company in Exhibitions

Iranian Tea

Today, tea consumption is an integral part of normal life in Iran. But the history of tea consumption in Iran is less than two centuries.

However, some believe that the history of tea consumption in Iran dates back to the second century AD, and some tourists have spoken of teahouses where the rich and wealthy gathered and drank tea.

Foreign tea

The origin of the tea plant dates back to 5000 years ago in China, where the tea plant Camellia sinensis was first discovered.

Gradually, with the realization of the medicinal properties of tea, it opened its way to the whole world and spread rapidly in all parts of the world.

Herbal Tea

An infusion is a beverage in which a part of a flower, leaf, stem, root, seed, fruit peel, or other water-soluble ingredient of a medicinal plant is used, dried or fresh.

Brewing or extracting the extract with water is the most common and oldest method of using herbal medicines.